All The Way Cuckoo

12837725Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I think I might have met someone that is certifiably insane. Not just a little insane but all the way cuckoo. So crazy that I want to get out of her head right now, rinse myself off, and then down some sort of medication to ease the pain that is building up like a ball of wax.

And just when I thought I had everything figured out, I found myself traveling on a different elevator, headed to a different destination, and in the opposite direction. I realized I knew nothing. Possibly even less than nothing. It’s like a light switch was suddenly flipped on, and I discovered I was standing in a bedroom when I thought I was standing in the living room, and in my underwear, no less.

Without saying too much, I wouldn’t read this book if I planned on getting married. Ever. And since I’m already married, I might start sleeping with the nightlight on, even though I’ve never been a nightlight kind of guy. It’s that good. Literally.

Gillian Flynn has human psyche nailed to perfection: those dark places that no one ever wants to talk about or visit, those demons that are stuffed in a closet, duct taped from head to toe, and then tied to a chair. It freaked me out, because it felt so real, and was as real as any piece of fiction I’ve ever read.

If you like dark, psychological fiction, then you’ll want to snap this book up faster than a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate. Just make sure to leave the lights on while reading.

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