Dating Ain’t Easy

30189255 Cleaning Up Finn by Sarah M. Chen
My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Sarah M. Chen is a lovely woman and a helluva writer. She has got it going on, even if Finn is the antithesis of her in nearly every way imaginable. Finn might be a piece of shit, but his misery makes for some wonderful comedy, and you don’t want to miss this incredible ride in the passenger seat of his boss’s Ferrari.

If you’ve ever been on a date and wondered how it could possibly get any worse, or if you like reading about slimy characters because it makes you feel better about yourself, then this, my friends, is the book for you. Or if you want to simply support an underappreciated author who deserves so much more, then pick up this novella and read it for yourself.

CLEANING UP FINN gripped me at big tits, and it didn’t let me go until the final horn blew. The dialogue was crisp, the characters were sleazy, the pace was just right, and the South Bay setting enriched this tale in every way possible. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Chen does for an encore, because I’m gonna elbow my way to the front of the line.

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  1. Love the site redo! If you want to get ideas about having a scoundrel as your main character, check out the series “Corridor Main” (by Nick Faricy) about Bobby Custer, a disbarred and down-on-his-luck lawyer who doesn’t mind bending or breaking the rules to survive.

    Your review intrigues me. I’ll be checking out Finn too!

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