Falling Immortality

booksmall Felicity had blown into my office in a blue skirt two inches too short. Her blonde hair and makeup appeared to be sculpted. With hardly a glance from her crystal blue eyes, she sat down in one of my two guest chairs, while I remained behind my mahogany desk ready for action. I’d even leaned back in my desk chair to send a message of confidence and competence.

“I can’t pay you very much,” she now said.

Money wasn’t an issue for me. I had my parents’ trust fund to keep me afloat — the one thing they hadn’t done when their fancy yacht went down in a storm off the Mexican coast. The PI business didn’t pay all that well, and neither did the cop business, but I loved the work. I cleared my throat and told her, “If I solve it, we’ll talk about my fee. I have reasonable rates.” ~~ Excerpt from Falling Immortality


Rave Reviews for Falling Immortality

    • Falling Immortality is, rather, all about character, in particular that of series lead Casey Holden. He’s good looking and witty, with an abundance of money and sex appeal to back him up. And he’s the first to say so. The women in his life, his new client notwithstanding, aren’t wallflowers or pushovers, but when up against the Holden charm offensive they don’t stand a chance. The bottom line here is, to enjoy this book you have to buy into the character.”
    • “The book itself is well put together in short, easy-to-read chapters with adequate editing, an eye-catching cover, and a tantalizing sneak preview of the author’s next book in the back. I look forward to reading subsequent novels in the series as this first-time author continues to develop his characterization and writing style.”
    • “I would add this to my list of recommended books to fans of mystery/detective novels.”
      Darian Wilk, author of Love Unfinished and Reinventing Claire
    • “Bottom line: this series is sure to be a worthy addition to the genre. This novel has truly earned a 5/5 rating.”
    • “A ribald joyride with a wise-cracking PI and a bevy of babes!”
      Gerald Elias, author of Danse Macabre (2010, St. Martin’s Press)
    • “Robert Downs’ debut novel, Falling Immortality, skillfully tips its fedora at the hard-boiled mystery genre. It’s fast-paced, tightly structured and keeps you guessing until the end. This will be a writer and series to watch.”
      Jon Talton, author of the David Mapstone Mysteries and the Cincinnati Casebooks
    • Falling Immortality is a superb read. A real enjoyment.”
      Paul Doherty
    • “Falling Immortality is, for fans of macho, slick talking, wise cracking sleuths, a must read.”
      Frederick Ramsay, author of the Ike Schwartz mysteries (Poisoned Pen Press)