Funny All Of The Time

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I can state rather emphatically that this book does not suck elephant balls. In fact, you may have to hold your tallywhacker in place as you bend over at the waist from laughing so hard. Edward, my man, you are more than just pretty funny sometimes. Iíd say youíre funny all of the time, even when youíre not trying to be.

Iíd even go so far to say that I have what might be construed as a bromance with Edward Stanton. I donít know if Iíd call him my hero, but heís a damn fine character, and this is one damn fine story. His preference for facts, dry sense of humor, cursing like he jammed his toe against the sofa and then smashed his head on a wooden table, repetition of choice words and phrases, photographic memory, extensive vocabulary, and his unique love for words make this son of a politician an absolute joy to behold. So much so that I just had to finish EDWARD ADRIFT in less than twenty-four hours.

Edward has some rather righteous curse words. Here are a few of my favorites: shitburger, whipdick, shitballs, chickenís asshole, sort out the shithouse, and assweeds. Iíd have to say it was fun to be fucking loaded and take a trip through Idaho and Wyoming and singing along to my bitchiní iPhone playing R.E.M. songs on shuffle.

I really canít decide whether 600 Hours Of Edward or EDWARD ADRIFT is better. Itís easy to make an argument for either one, and if you start spouting off to the wrong hothead, you may end up in fisticuffs. So choose your argument wisely and be ready to back it up with empirical data, not conjecture.

I wonít give away the ending, since I know youíll want to read this literary masterpiece for yourself, but I will say it was the perfect ending to a perfect story. Had it ended any differently, Edward and I might not be on speaking terms right now.

Iíd like to say youíre a cocksucking assweed if you donít buy, beg, borrow, or berate your local library into carrying this novel, but I wonít. You may, however, have to hang your head in shame if you donít hop in your Cadillac and traverse to your local bookstore to pick up your copy.

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